Saturday, 23 January 2010

I confess that I have``

~stayed single for the whole year 2009

~had your heart broken and
broke someone else’s heart

~went over the minutes on your cell phone

~done something you’ve regretted

~have a relationship with someone I’ll never forget

~wrote a poem

~ran a mile

~posted a blog

~went camping

~laughed till you cried

~cut in a line of waiting people

~told someone you were busy when you weren't

~lost something/someone important to you

~ broke a promise


~cried over a broken heart

~pretended to be happy

~sat home all day doing nothing

~stayed up till sunrise

~cried over the silliest thing

~gotten sick

~went to beach with my best friend

~become closer with a lot of people

~had a fist fight

~lost faith in love


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